About Neon
We believe each person's unique personality should be celebrated! Our mission is to pioneer humane technology that champions people, transparency and privacy through establishing a digital ecosystem colored with each unique person.
Introducing a world where

Personalization is the new currency


Your personality science is incredibly valuable and necessary for data, targeting, matching and human evolution. Get your color fingerprint to own your unique identity online to engage with creators and brands. It's your science. And it's yours to own and to empower yourself.


Your unique personality fingerprint also acts as your invisibility cloak. It allows creators and brands to target your personality science without knowing your actual identity information. Creators and brands have fingerprints that interact like a human too. Privacy with superior targeting, at the same time.

Profit to the people

Brands and creators communicate with your color fingerprint, you earn for your data if you consent to share a snapshot of your fingerprint, instead of brands paying third-party data brokers that are stealing your power. An ecosystem of respect and reciprocity, based on your humanness.

Our team

Meet our passionate team of branding experts, scientists and technical pros.
Gillian Delaunay
Founder & CEO
Dr. Galen Buckwalter, Ph. D.
Chief Scientist
Bethann Wagner
Hillary Hobson
Director of Business & Development
Hayley Lyle
Micah Lyle
Software Architect
Kelly Hickey