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Profile image with the personality colors rose, emerald and sapphire.Profile image with the personality colors emerald, tangerine and lavender.Profile image with the personality colors ruby, tangerine and jade.
Discover your colors

NEON gives you a brand personality report using industry-best 'HEXACO' personality science, based on the words your brand uses online, and integrates it into your custom AI content creation tool.

Profile image with the personality colors sapphire, copper and amber.Profile image with the personality colors emerald, tangerine and lavender.
Profile image with the personality colors sky, violet, and ruby.Profile image with the personality colors sapphire, copper and amber.Profile image with the personality colors sky, lavender, and gold.

Unlock consistency for all your teams

Share your brand's Color Fingerprint report like a communication currency.
Marketing teams
SEO writers
Influencer collaboration
Social media managers
Brand development
Event managers

Tune your ai content generation to your brand’s unique personality.

What color is your brand vibe today?
Product descriptions
Content library

Built on HEXACO—the science of human connection

HEXACO has been used to predict successful marriages, connect interests, analyze spending patterns, and much more.

NEON analyzes your content like a human, down to it’s subdimensions, and highlights your top three traits based on the words in your communications.

Relate to your audience in different formats, stay on brand, tune your voice for teams, understand your strategy. It's science.

How NEON works

Screen series displaying adding a company url to receive a brand report based on a website.
Input your
content channels
NEON analyzes your website and social media content to measure the dimensions of your brand’s personality down to it’s sub-dimensions.

Get your scientific brand personality report with Color Fingerprints

Understand your brand insights on how to capitalize your personality for your audience. Discover how your brand voice changes depending on the channel and how to reconcile the differences.
What to avoid
Brand analysis comparison between a company website and social media.
Screen with NEON recommended prompts and second screen with ai generated text.

Integrate your brand personality  
into your AI. Wake up happy to post.

Streamline content generation from prompting, to ideation, to posting in various content lengths and voices -  with a fun daily interface.
Blog content
Social posts
Campaign strategy
Posts on products
Emails and imagery

Manage multiple brands
in your pocket

Research solved. Integrated seamlessly into a brand manager. Easily toggle between brands, voices, strategy and content.
Screen display of selecting from multiple brand options to create content for.

Beta Pricing

All-inclusive, one-time purchase. Limited time only.
✓ In-depth Full Brand Personality Analysis with 2-channel analysis:
such as a website and a social channel, includes keywords to use, imagery to use,
things to avoid, where to find your audiences, variances between your channels, option to edit channels and more
✓ Personalized Open-AI GPT Content Assistant incorporating your brand with hyper-customization
✓ A 30-minute consultation on your brand analysis, GPT integration and hyper-customization session
✓ Marketing and strategy insights to capitalize on your brand personality
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