What Color Is Your Avatar?

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Meet Your Colors

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A Jade vibe is for the dreamer, someone who marches to their own drum and is occasionally fine with just listening to the drums. You have a casual approach to life and all that comes with it. Life is to be enjoyed, not managed. As such, you’re more interested in experiences than goals. You’d rather wear life like a loose garment than get caught up in the details. Life is challenging enough without raising the stakes to unnecessary heights, so you do what you can and leave it at that. You’re not trying to get it all right. Instead, you relish the spontaneity of your life and all that it offers you.
  • Relaxed
  • Spontaneous
  • Easygoing


A Sky vibe can be described as a marketer - someone willing to help others when it helps seal a deal. While this color is mostly made up of individuals focused on their own personal safety and success, you believe in partnering with people when you can see how helping them also helps you. You’re not against others getting a leg up, but you certainly like to be ahead of everyone else. That’s how you set yourself apart. Being wealthy, respected and having lots of luxuries motivates you. Because of this, you have no problem telling others what they want to hear if it helps you get where you want to go. Everyone is trying to get ahead, right? While trusting your own instincts works well for you, even you’d probably admit that there are times when you’d be better off listening to others’ ideas and expertise. Collaboration can also help you get ahead.
  • Daring
  • Proud
  • Opportunistic


Lavender vibes are the sounding board for all the vibes, a source of stability who is not shaken by life's ups and downs. You don’t get worked up about things other people do or say and generally don’t understand why others get so stressed out by everything. This can make you appear emotionally detached from others, but it is really just that your radar doesn't detect every single uncertainty of life as a threat. For you, life is rarely overwhelming and you do not feel like your well-being is threatened by external factors. Sometimes this also means that you may not be as emotionally connected to others because you don’t feel a need to discuss concerns with other people.
  • Independent
  • Fearless
  • Self-Assured


A Rose vibe is for the observer, a thoughtful individual who values and enjoys those close to them, as well as time to themselves. You live an introspective life, preferring to process the world for yourself internally before sharing your experience with others. Because you enjoy your space—and may be somewhat private—you may at times feel awkward about not being more extraverted. At the same time, when you are with those close to you, you’re comfortable with yourself and can be very outgoing. You like having this choice. 
  • Reserved
  • Quiet
  • Thoughtful


Tangerine is the color of the debater! Tangerine is a maverick vibe who is passionate, contentious at times, and supremely analytical. You feel like you get the most out of life by challenging the norms others may more readily accept. Passionate about your point of view, you’re willing to question others if you feel an idea is worth standing up for. This may also mean that you occasionally accumulate ill feelings towards those who oppose your way of thinking. While letting others get under your skin may not be your goal, you’re aware of how it makes you feel and manage it the best you can.
  • Passionate
  • Direct
  • Relentless


Amber vibes are the preservers of the group, a traditionalist finding meaning in conventions and values. Your greatest source of strength is looking to what is familiar, tested and factual, believing that consistency provides security and helps build a good life. If ideas, beliefs, or practices have worked for others for a long time, you find comfort in that and look to extend that sense of safety to others. Since you recognize that life is as hard as it is, you tend to avoid the unconventional, not interested in fads or trends. The tried and true is called that for a reason, and you live by it.
  • Conventional
  • Simple
  • Die-Hard


Emerald vibes are the thorough organizers of this color spectrum, a careful planner who remains on-task, strategic and focused. You get things done and take a thoughtful approach to everything you do, applying yourself to the fullest. You don’t cut corners because you’d rather cover every angle than wonder if you missed something. Others appreciate the level of dedication you bring to all your efforts, but some might call you a perfectionist. Mostly, your desire for precision and excellence shines through in the way you carry yourself and the life you live.
  • Organized
  • Thorough
  • Self-Disciplined


A Sapphire vibe embodies the humanitarian spirit, representing a helper who does their best to assist others during times of uncertainty. You approach life from a global perspective and are motivated to improve conditions for everyone rather than just yourself. You focus on justice, fairness and equality. You aren't interested in trying to get around the rules for just your own good. Rather, you look for deeper meaning and a sense of purpose in what you do. Naturally straightforward and genuine in the way you approach life and people, you rarely have a hidden agenda in your interactions.
  • Sincere
  • Loyal
  • Fair-Minded


A Violet vibe is often thought of as the heartbeat vibe, a complex and passionate individual who wears their heart on their sleeve. You have a natural ability to empathize with people and, as a result, have a natural affinity to connect with them. You forge ties with people because you’re tuned-in to your emotions, though sometimes it causes difficulty. You want to be the best you can be, which involves being vigilant and can lead to worry. Facing stressful situations can be difficult and evoke anxiety. If you feel that your physical, mental or financial well-being is in any jeopardy, you need support from others to lessen the fear and get through such times. The Violet vibe is also associated with sentimentality about the past and with cherished individuals.
  • Sentimental
  • Emotional
  • Sensitive


A Ruby vibe suggests a confident spokesperson, proudly standing tall in the spotlight. You are a people person and like being around them. In fact, that’s when you’re at your best and most comfortable. You find groups of people to be life and energy-giving. You excel in social situations because you feel good about yourself when you engage with others. You even feel enthusiastic and at ease when addressing a group of people, large or small, and tend to project a positive vibe.
  • Lively
  • Sociable
  • Confident


The Copper vibe embodies the persona of a nurturer; remaining patient while helping others is the peacemakers superpower. Encouraging by nature, you have a heart for forgiveness and feel no need to judge the deeds of others. Others enjoy being around you because they appreciate having someone who allows them to find their way and doesn’t expect them to fit into a mold. Your caring approach means that you favor cooperation over competition and compromise over conflict.
  • Patient
  • Pleasant
  • Forgiving


A Golden vibe is one of a seeker, a wide-eyed innovator in love with their books, art, nature, new experiences and ideas. Bringing openness and diversity to your everyday life keeps you inspired and growing. You breathe in the world as best you can each day and are grateful for the many ways in which it fills your lungs. With a natural affinity for imaginative pursuits and people, you’re curious and enjoy the mysterious. Your boundlessness is contagious as every situation has something to offer you. You don’t see the world primarily for what it is or isn’t. Instead, you see the world for what it can be.
  • Innovative
  • Imaginative
  • Inquisitive

How It Works


Find Your Color Avatar

Take a quick personality survey to find out what colors represent you and how you connect to your world. This science has been built for you by world renowned personality scientist, Dr. Galen Buckwalter, so that you own the most valuable personalized data that exists in the online ecosystem.

Now, your color avatar represents your human personality online, but your actual identity remains hidden behind this shield. Your color vibe is diverse:

Personal Color

Gain insight into your personality and how you relate to the world.

Complementary Color

Discover your secondary color, a window into what else you will find fulfilling.

Opposite Color

Find out your surprise color that's worth exploring when you want to try something new.

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Complementary Color
Personal Color
Opposite Color

Your New Color Filter

With our new Color Filter, you can understand more about the news, companies, and people you encounter online. Find color vibes that are like you, complementary to you, or if you are feeling adventurous, explore your opposite or 'All colors' options.

Coming soon as we continue to launch our platform, colors will soon lay over your normal online activities such as search, social, reviews, maps, you name it. But before we get there, to introduce this new color layer for our Beta Launch, we have started by creating your own personalized Color Dashboard.

Home to your Color Avatar, The Daily Vibe provides a regular dose of activities and news, each marked with the color personality that represents its human vibe. Experience a full spectrum of voices, or find those with whom you share a color. Vote in our daily polls, discover fun facts about your colors, and even explore charities that line up with your goals and values. The Daily Vibe is our first step toward applying Color Avatars to your entire Internet experience.

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Defending Your Data Independence

NEON ID is empowering you to take back control of your data from Big Tech companies who make billions off your personal information. We keep your detailed personality profile in a secure data storage vault that you own privately. Our mission is for you to remain safe and secure online, while making money doing the things you already do.

NEON has pioneered a unique double-blind technology to keep your personally-identifiable information separate from your basic information so that you are transparent about who you are, but anonymous to the online world. Advertisers won’t know it’s you specifically, they just know you’re an ideal customer based on matching up with your personality colors and that you have opted-in to hear their marketing messages in a way that respects privacy laws without a burden on you.

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"With 36 percent of Millennials experiencing financial stress that qualifies as a diagnosis of PTSD, we need innovative new ways to provide income and stability for Millennials and Gen-Z alike. NEON ID can help."

Dr. Galen Buckwalter

Our Color Filter is Fun and Insightful

Phase 1

Beta Dashboard - Daily News, Twitter and Voting with dynamic color filter

NEON's interactive color filter connects consumers with people, products, and content on the internet based on your Color Avatar

Phase 2 (coming soon)

Our browser extension lays an interactive color filter on top of Search Results, Social Media, Reviews, and Maps - wherever you go on the web

Why Businesses Love Advertising With NEON

People want and need products, but tricking or manipulating them into buying is a 20th century concept we need to abandon. NEON ID has a better way!

Stop Wasting Money

This is Holy-Grail advertising, true Micro-Marketing that delivers the right message-vibe at the right time for the right customer.

A Win-Win Ecosystem

Gain real brand-to-consumer engagement with our built-in consent system and direct compensation to people who see your ads. Pay the people, not Big Tech!

Compliance Covered

We take care of your compliance needs, allowing you to market to the right people without violating GDPR, CCPA, or other privacy statutes.

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NEON ID is seeking early adopters from forward-thinking companies that want to improve their marketing efforts while saving money.

Share your contact information and we will put you into the queue to get exclusive beta access to the only platform that offers you ideal audiences for your products that have already opted-in to hear your marketing messages.

Our Team


Founder/Chief Executive OfficerGillian has been dedicated to NEON since 2008, traveling the globe to find experts to research, validate and build a platform for the people.

Dr. Galen

Chief Science OfficerGalen was the founding scientist at eHarmony, bringing millions of couples together. He has been helping companies leverage the value of personality for decades.


Chief Product Officer Eric has been producing and marketing successful software for more than twenty years, with most of that time focused on SaaS platforms for content and marketing.


Chief Technology Officer Kai has been building future-forward technology companies for decades, co-founding several active and acquired businesses from Supplyframe to Access360 and Videro.


AdvisorJenelle Hamilton is a communications expert with two decades of experience in the International PR industry who has launched dozens of global and start-up brands. Her clients have appeared in Essence, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, NY Times, Wall Street Journal and Vanity Fair.


AdvisorMickey Bergman teaches at Georgetown University and manages private diplomacy efforts with North Korea, the Middle East, and many other governments. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, his team has facilitated the release of more political prisoners than any other organization. His articles have appeared in the NY Times, Washington Post, and Boston Globe.

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