The super cool AI content tool and brand manager powered by your
brand's personality science 

(We capture your business' scientific personality and integrate it into a hyper-customized AI tool,
so you save time creating on-brand content, managing brand voice and fostering community.)

Content Creators
Business Owners
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Tap into your brand's full potential with NEON

Get a scientific Brand Report
Based on the words you use in communications, discover your brand’s unique personality science and color fingerprint, get your brand guidelines on:

● language and keywords to utilize
● imagery suggestions
● where to find your community
● what to avoid
● how to match with your consumers
● staying on-brand or diversifying
● correcting your channels where needed

Integrated into an AI content tool
Get a hyper-customized GPT assistant with your brand identity integrated into a generative AI content tool:

● align website copy
● create social media posts
● diversify email campaigns
● outline TikTok scripts
● organize marketing strategy
● share as brand-bible for team collaboration
● ask it anything from your brand perspective

What are your colors?

Get your brand's color fingerprint today!
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Embrace the science of human connection for your brand

Discover your personality science with our brand analysis  and consultation of your online channels.
NEON performs a text analysis of the words you use in your communications and maps results along HEXACO personality dimensions. The dimensions with the most extreme scores are your most apparent traits and color who your audience is and how your brand connects with them.

Built on HEXACO personality science

HEXACO has been used to predict successful relationships, analyze spending patterns, and much more.
NEON analyzes your content to understand your most dominant traits.

Identify differences in how you come across to your audience between channels

Discover how your voice and personality compares between your website, social media and more.
Create a strategy for how you want to leverage these differences or realign your channels.

Get actionable recommendations to improve audience connection

Discover what attributes each color brings and what to capitalize on to reach audiences members who share your colors.

Don't let writer's block stop you from connecting with your audience

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Get your personalized content generator
with your brand personality science

Get your custom
Chat GPT Assistant
Bethann is a content creator on a mission to empower moms
and leverages her brand personality to connect with her audience.
Alex and Taylor want to grow their golf apparel line
and connect with customers who share their values through social media marketing.
Sydney is a nurse driven to equip new mothers with resources
and needs to develop curriculum and social media posts connect and grow her audience for lactation consulting.


All-inclusive, one-time purchase. Limited time only.
✓ In-depth Full Brand Personality Analysis with 2-channel analysis:
such as a website and a social channel, includes keywords to use, imagery to use,
things to avoid, where to find your audiences, variances between your channels, option to edit channels and more
✓ Personalized Open-AI GPT Content Assistant incorporating your brand with hyper-customization
✓ Two (x2) 30-minute consultation on your brand analysis, GPT integration and hyper-customization session
✓ Marketing and strategy insights to capitalize on your brand personality
✓ Additional channel analysis or competitive brand analysis for $135.00/each brand