What Color Is Your Avatar?

A Data Independence Platform built to empower the people. Securely and anonymously own and make money from your personalized data. A colorful new Internet layer with profit for everyone.

Your NEON ID is yours to own


It's personalized

Take our fun quiz to get your unique combination of personality colors, using proprietary Hexaco-based personality science. Design an avatar to go with your custom color rings and use it across the web like your profile photo. NEON’s personality avatars were created to give power back to us, the people.

Use your personalized NEON color layers to filter the things you do on the web. Find your tribes or explore new vibes. Understand other humans behind the computer screen with better insight. Gain a new personalized and colorful web experience.


It’s private

While your avatar and personality colors evoke your personal vibe out on the web, NEON’s blockchain technology separates your personal information from your avatar so your identity and data are secure and anonymous. Your avatar acts like a privacy screen as you travel the web — and your data is 100% owned and controlled by you, not Big Tech or NEON.

Each person will own their own storage vault on the blockchain where only YOU control who sees your data.


It’s profitable

Your avatar is also your money making chip. Your avatar is your creator economics. YOU are the creator. It’s your online life. The YOU in your avatar is your very valuable unique data key.

Begin making money in our gamified dashboard by choosing to anonymously interact with content and brands interested in your custom blend of personality. You are in the driver’s seat when brands want to advertise to you. You choose your favorite brands to reach you and then they pay you directly to engage. Claim your NEON ID now to be first in line when this feature is ready.

Introducing NEON ID

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What do the colors mean?

  • Jade
    • Relaxed
    • Spontaneous
    • Easygoing
  • Sky
    • Daring
    • Proud
    • Opportunistic
  • Lavender
    • Independent
    • Fearless
    • Self-Assured
  • Rose
    • Reserved
    • Quiet
    • Thoughtful
  • Tangerine
    • Passionate
    • Direct
    • Relentless
  • Amber
    • Conventional
    • Simple
    • Die-Hard
  • Emerald
    • Organized
    • Thorough
    • Self-Disciplined
  • Sapphire
    • Sincere
    • Loyal
    • Fair-Minded
  • Violet
    • Sentimental
    • Emotional
    • Sensitive
  • Ruby
    • Lively
    • Sociable
    • Confident
  • Copper
    • Patient
    • Pleasant
    • Forgiving
  • Gold
    • Innovative
    • Imaginative
    • Inquisitive

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