About Neon

We are only getting started! NEON is a digital empowerment ecosystem for humans, creators and brands:

NEON's mission is to empower us all with our personality science as a unique data key for each person to own and use for personalization, privacy and profit online. Our mission is to celebrate each individual's human nuance and to harness this power for the good of humans, creators and brands. To build AI tools that benefit everyone, transparently. To lead the example in humane technology and gold-standards. To offer a chip in the game for humans and a communication currency for creators.  To solve the personalization problem for brands, with consent, respectfully. To foster the pathway to earn passive income for our digital lives. NEON is a colorful digital ecosystem where everyone benefits.

Made by a mom who wants everyone to get along and passive income for us all, this was made to be easy for everyone. For humans, creators and brands, to fix the Internet, to help ourselves. Join the future now.

Hello world.
Content Creators
Introducing a world where

Personalization is the new currency


Your personality science is incredibly valuable and necessary for data, targeting, matching and human evolution. Get your color fingerprint to own your unique identity online to engage with creators and brands. It's your science. And it's yours to own and to empower yourself.


Your unique personality fingerprint also acts as your invisibility cloak. It allows creators and brands to target your personality science without knowing your actual identity information. Creators and brands have fingerprints that interact like a human too. Privacy with superior targeting, at the same time.

Profit to the people

Brands and creators communicate with your color fingerprint, you earn for your data if you consent to share a snapshot of your fingerprint, instead of brands paying third-party data brokers that are stealing your power. An ecosystem of respect and reciprocity, based on your humanness.
Our team
Meet our passionate team.
Gillian Delaunay
Founder & CEO
Dr. Galen Buckwalter, Ph. D.
Chief Scientist
Bethann Wagner
Hillary Hobson
Director of Business & Development
Hayley Lyle
Micah Lyle
Software Architect
Kelly Hickey
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