It's time for
a new Internet.

NEON is the new Internet. The Internet in Technicolor. The Internet where you understand the human vibe of online information. The Internet that pays you for your personality.

NEON is an Internet where we better understand the human behind the computer screen. An Internet that helps us understand the similarities and differences that make us each unique- and celebrates these options. NEON thinks it is time to better understand each other. To better understand ourselves. And, NEON thinks it is time to make money for our online personality.

The Internet is a great superpower that can help us all. It is NEON's mission to offer this superpower back to the people. All the people. To offer understanding. To offer income for all. To connect the world in a very human-vibe kind of way. To express the animal in us all. NEON's mission is to offer the full spectrum of our human personality- things that are 'like' you, 'complimentary' to you and 'opposite' of you. Because, they all have a significance. And, we should be paid for our individual personality.

NEON is for you. NEON is for everyone. NEON only sees the beautiful color spectrum of people's personalities and the importance of diverse input. NEON provides reimbursement for your diverse individuality. Finally, the way the Internet should be.

We hope you like it.