Pay the people. Empower your consumers.

Cut out all the middlemen and connect with your tribes. Welcome to Web3 made easy for direct brand to consumer engagement.

Build your brand personality with transparency, consent, and personality science ingenuity – starting at just $3 per engagement during our beta.

A new brand awareness platform that treats your consumer with respect and reciprocity


It’s personalized by your consumer

Benefit from the best personality science provided directly by your consumer. Better understand their true human nuance and how it dances with your brand’s personality. Engage, listen and learn from them. Ask the people to help make brand decisions with the beauty of personality science. Stop paying middlemen that only guess about your consumers and pay the people directly for real eyeballs, engagement and superior targeting.

Get your brand’s personality avatar to understand how it interacts with consumers’ avatars. Begin asking questions in our gamified platform, pay the people directly for their fun and insightful engagements, increase brand awareness. A true happy long term relationship with your consumers. A reputation boost for your brand. Certified humane technology.


It solves your privacy regulations

Engage with your consumers on a deeper level – but anonymously. Since our avatars also act as a privacy screen, we solve your GDPR and CCPA regulatory requirements by separating insightful color avatars from people’s actual identities. Your consumer’s actual identity is anonymized and consent is required to engage. You can sleep at night knowing your brand magnifies respect and trust to the people.

Join our test group as ‘The First 100’ brands to engage with our SaaS dashboard where you can manage questions and keywords to consumer personality avatars with anonymity and consent. Sign up today to be notified when invitations for this group go out.


It actually converts into true engagement

NEON ID and Web3 technologies remove all the middlemen between you and your consumer so you can stop wasting money on trying to understand your audience by asking third parties – go directly to the people! Engage with them in a transparent, honest, reciprocated and safe environment to build actionable trust and long term happy relationships.

Engage with avatars in our fully customized brand dashboard that helps you understand consumer personality, offers guard rails for social media and marketing content and allows you to engage daily, directly with your tribes. Sign up now to secure early pricing and consumer engagement opportunities.

Introducing NEON ID

A new identity ownership economy driven by the values of us, the people

Get the digital ID that pays you to be you

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